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Welcome to Impamerica, a recognized international manufacturer and supplier of Architectural Stone Products, Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds, Home Furnishing and Decorating and the best Marble,Travertine and Cantera Tiles and Pavers.

In ' we help you choose from stylish Marble Tiles and Natural Stone decorations for any room.  Get your home adorned with the natural sophisticated range of Marble and Travertine Tiles and Bathtubs.  Choose other home accesories from sinks, flower pots , fountains, mantels and room  sculpture.'

Continuous development of new products, personal service, attention to detail, quality control and  low prices are some of our characteristics.

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We will respond to your information and price requests in less than 48 hours.


Travertine Tile / Travertinos

Travertine Trims / Molduras Travertinos

Marble Tiles / Marmoles

Listellos and Mosaics / Cenefas y Mosaicos

Medallions / Medallones

Cantera Tile / Canteras

Natural Stone Venner / Piedra Natural para Muros

Stone Pavers / Baldosas

Sinks / Ovalines

Fireplaces / Chimeneas

Architectural Columns / Columnas

Balusters / Balaustradas

Crown Mouldings / Cornisas

Door and Window Surrounds / Marcos para Puertas y Ventanas

Pilasters / Pilastras

Wall Caps / Cubiertas de Muro

Architectural Mouldings / Molduras

Table Bases and Pedestals / Bases para Mesa y Pedestales

Water Fountains / Fuentes

Flower Pots and Urns / Macetas y Urnas

Bird Baths / Baños de Pajaros

Bath Tubs/ Tinas de Baño 

Ceiling Medalions / Rosetones

Bust and Statues / Bustos y Estatuas

' '
 We are well known manufacturers and suppliers of travertine, marble and cantera
 stone, tiles, slabs and architectural products. We  manufacture pavers, moldings, listellos,
 mosaics, medallions and architectural columns for homes and buildings. You can choose
 balustrade systems, fountains, fireplace mantels and surrounds, sinks
 and bath tubs, table bases and pedestals, flower pots and urns to dress up
 your home with the best look ever. We offer you the best supplies in cantera mantels,
 columns, fountains, birdbaths and  tiles. You can avail our products and services
 in USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, U.K. , Central America , France , Germany,

Russia, Ukrania, Japan, The Caribbean.





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