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Cantera is a natural stone of volcanic origin quarried mainly in central Mexico. Cantera has natural advantages such as light weight, strength, fresh in summer and warmth in winter.

Cantera has been the main architectural material for churches, cathedrals, public building and palaces since the colonial period.

In modern times, Cantera grows in popularity for residential and public buildings and it is applied both in walls and floors.

Cantera is also an excellent material for moldings, balusters, architectural columns, fireplace mantels, fountains  and ornaments.
Impamerica supplies a wide variety of Cantera colors for all kind of architectural projects.




Marble is a metamorphosed limestone, composed of fairly pure calcite. It is extensively used for sculpture, as a building material and in many other applications.

As the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, Marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Its extremely varied and colorful patterns make it a favorite decorative material.

Impamerica provides the best available Marbles in the colors and tonalities of larger international demand, according to modern architectural design.

The use of Marble in floors and walls will provide elegance and permanent distinction to any architectural project.



Travertine is a dense, closely compacted form of limestone found mostly in banded layers. Most travertine is white or cream colored, though there are browns and peach colored. The word Travertine comes from an old roman name for Tivoli, a town in Italy where there are large deposits of this material.

Travertine is mostly used for wall and floor tile and can be used in all rooms of the house, especially living areas, bathrooms and kitchens.

The cleaning of travertines should be done by sweeping floors clean from dust and dirt. Then, use a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water with either a cloth, sponge or mop. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solvent, or anything with an acidic base, including lemon and vinegar. Apply a sealer, especially to counter tops to prevent deep stains.






Cast stone is a refined architectural building stone manufactured to simulate natural hand cut stone.

Cast Stone is generally used as a masonry product with which a very wide spectrum of architectural products can be made: columns, balusters, cornices, molding, coping, corbels, etc.

Since the early 1920's Cast Stone has earned widespread acceptance in the architectural community of Europe and North America.

The whole process begins by a careful design of the models that will form the basis of our molds. Special molds are hand made with superior materials. Only a high quality mold will capture the specific details and texture of the original model.

When the mold is ready, a mixture of graded aggregates, grinded marble, mineral oxides and a bonding agent is pressed into the mold, where the final piece will be formed and starts its curing process.

After the piece is taken out from the mold, it will be sent to a curing chamber with controlled temperature and humidity for about 24 hours.

Finally, the Cast Stone piece will be inspected and hand finished before packaging.

Different Colors available. 




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